Not knowing is the prerequisite for learning and discovery

As a physicist and psychologist, I connect two worlds. One could express them simplified as the digital and the analog world. I would say, "despite" my great wealth of knowledge and experience, I am guided in my actions primarily by my curiosity about systems, complex interrelationships, individuality and creativity.

In the current era of digitalization and disruption, we are confronted with major challenges. Together with highly experienced colleagues, we develop programs for your corporate and leadership culture as well as your teams that are suitable to cope with the adjustments generatively and creatively. and thus enable a solid but flexible basis for future viability.

Current formats for challenging times

Epic Futurespective

Tired of all those online meetings?

Experience online team development with gamification. A project by y-Consulting and Kulturkatalysatoren.

Strength Orientation for Teams

Empower Yourself: Introduction to strength orientation

Live-Workshop Zoom

  • Unlock your potential
  • for TUM Community, February 2021

LIve-Workshop Zoom / Youtube

  • with Katrin Scharpf at the FTL Big Data Hackathon, May 2020
  • for WOMEN IN CS @ TUM, November 2020


Organizational development as well as leadership and team development
Mediator between digital and analog worlds
Action-learning and collegial consulting: how experience comes into effectiveness and how people learn easily
Opening the system-theoretical view on organizations and their coupling with other systems
Dealing with change processes, uncertainty and decision making through generative presence and introvision
Promoting courage, strengths orientation (VIA-IS, BIP, StrengthsFinder) and appreciation in organizational development
Linking thinking in complex contexts, an eye for patterns and creative process-oriented work
Neuroscience, AI research and ethical issues, especially their relevance and impact on organizations and individuals
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Corporations, start-ups, family businesses from a wide range of industries, especially IT and technology-related companies, as well as SMEs

Review: Announcement workshop

METAFORUM SommerCamp in Italy, 2018


Hypnosystemic know-how for agile organizations
with Tilman Peschke and Karl Hochdorfer