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Norbert Distler is a certified consultant - of Theory U by Otto Scharmer & MITx u-lab: Leading from the Emerging Future

Theory U is a unique future-oriented method, developed at MIT to bring about change in business, politics and society worldwide.

In recent years we have witnessed unprecedented disruption. Due to the major market changes and the disruption from digitization and automation, the climate crisis and the Covid 19 pandemic require extensive business model adjustments and change processes.

It is perhaps the most important leadership task of our time how to activate our ability to lean into the future that is unfolding. To drive this renewal, we must learn not from the past, but from a future that is yet to be formed. How do you cultivate curiosity and courage in the face of prejudice, anger and fear? How can you work for the well-being of all?

Norbert Distler coaches CEOs at the beginning of a change process using Theory U. e.g. when a challenge is emerging for the company and you need new possibilities for development. As a sparring partner Norbert takes a holistic view of the complex challenges and co-creates with stakeholders and a view of the market, corporate culture and environment the necessary framework to be successful in the future.

The method supports:

  • Active letting go so that space allows for new solutions to emerge.

  • Valuable knowledge is in the heads of the employees. The activation of shared intelligence and all the knowledge available in the company. Fostering of cooperation among different stakeholders who may have worked against each other.

  • Connecting silos in the company. From the separating self-optimization of silos to integrating development of solutions.

  • Makes knowledge and related transformations more meaningful and relevant for action.

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