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The economy is currently confronted with multiple uncertainties.Such as the unpredictability of resources and timing, supply chain problems and massive price fluctuations on the world market. In addition, there are staff shortages and shifts to an employee market.


Previous recipes for success, such as more control and hierarchy, no longer work. This results in inner conflicts, stress, anger, fears and mental blockages

The goal of introvision is to gradually dissolve these. The method enables access to inner calm, to your own creativity and innovative power. This creates space for new possibilities and a positive effect on cooperation throughout the company.

In a form related to mindfulness practice the coachee faces the greatest inner conflicts and gradually resolves them.

The method of introvision is being researched at the University of Hamburg since 1986 under the lead of Prof. Dr. Angelika C. Wagner continuously developed, tested and empirically examined.

distler_norbert_080619_1- 444b1.jpg

In-depth coaching method 
by Prof. Dr. Angelika C. Wagner


Journey to Introvision

Online course on Insight Timer
by Norbert Distler 

This course is about dealing more calmly with your own fears, limiting beliefs and inner conflicts. 

15 x 15 minutes 


Introduction to Introvision

Excerpt from a workshop at the congress "Reden reicht nicht". 



training current,

May 2021

Clarification aid plus introvision - from two sides to the core of the conflict


training current,

April 2020

Introvision in coaching - introspection with foresight


moment by moment,

June 2020

Introvision in coaching - introspection with foresight

Source: Moment by 

Mindfulness and Introvision Exercises on Insight Timer

Introvision 1 - Acknowledging Perception

A short practice of Acknowledging Attentive Perception which is the basis for introvision. It helps you get a different view on difficult situations, supports you to keep a distance, and enables creativity when applied to open situations.

Introvision 2 - AAP with a positive focus

10 minutes to practice your focus and explore a positive situation with a wide acknowledging mode of perception

My Insight Timer profile

with an overview of my InsightTimer meditations

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