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Transformation of inner imperatives

A follow up on some ideas of last sunday's live meditation:

Introvision consists mainly of two parts:

  • learning and applying AAP - acknowledging attentive perception - with a focus on emotional topics.

  • And the transformation of inner imperatives (=commands) which have the potential to increase tension and limit our ability to perceive, to find solutions, to act.

1. Notice your imperatives A good way to look for your own inner imperatives is find lines of thought that start with “I should... (I shouldn’t), I have to, I must (I mustn’t...), I need to, ...” or just an imperative like “Be perfect!”. Another way is to take the Kahler's drivers questionnaire or look at irrational beliefs as Dr. Albert Ellis involved in his work and REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy). Often for those drivers and beliefs interventions are proposed on a cognitive level to dissolve them. 2. Invite the possibilities of reality back to your thoughts With introvision you invite possibilities of reality back into your thinking by transforming your inner shoulds to “It could be that ... (the opposite of the imperative)” and apply AAP to your inner reactions. So from “Be perfect” you go to “it could be that I’m not perfect”. From “I must or should please other people” you go to “it could be that I cannot please ...” From “I’m not allowed to make mistakes” you go to “it could be that I will make mistakes”. 3. Steer clear of self-fulfilling prophecies Note that it’s not a self fullfilling prophecy: e.g. I will make mistakes. It’s about acceptance and acknowleding that there always is the possibility that I can make mistakes. That’s a fine line. In that way we invite the possibilites of reality back into your thinking and feeling. 4. AAP with a focus on the unpleasant And by gently applying AAP to the emerging emotions with a focus on the unpleasant over time the reactions can soften and calm and in consequence creativity can grow. Join me LIVE on Sunday 07 Mar at 9:30am CET at Insight Timer

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